How to get a customer-reference from former clients

How to get a customer-reference from former clients

Satisfied clients are the best frame of mind to provide you with the names of other prospective customers who might be in need for your services. A sincere recommendation from a former or existing client can help you get more customers and thus grow your business. However, the key to get an effective recommendation depends most importantly in your approach. You must remember, when contacting your former clients, that they might be busy or even get surprised at your request for a reference. Here, we have suggested a few steps how you can request your previous clients for a customer reference without making them feel awkward.

Rebuild Your relationship

Don’t ask for a recommendation directly if you haven’t worked or talked to your previous client for several months or years. Rather, focus on rebuilding your relationship. Take interest in knowing how his business is growing, about the developments and changes since your last interaction with him. Share positive information about your business like awards won, new products and services that you have launched. You might also remind him of what type of project you have completed for him and how well the project was received in the market.

Opt for the right clients

Ensure to select the right clients who are willing to or happy to help you with a recommendation. If your business is targeting a specific set of audience, like small business owners or IT companies, then go for the clients of these business categories. Opt for the clients who earlier showed eagerness about the quality of your work as well as clients for whom you have worked extensively because they will have a clear understanding of your abilities and professionalism.

Make the request a compliment

Turn your request for a customer reference into a compliment for your previous clients. Let them know that you did some of the best works under their guidance and would really appreciate if they recommend a customer who would be in the market for your service. You should let your former clients know that you believe and trust their opinion.

Offer Disclosure

The most effective way to get a reference from your former clients is by letting them to know why you are asking for a recommendation. Tell them how you plan to use the recommendation for the growth of your business without any damage to their business and reputation.

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