The Importance of Customer Testimonials for Your Business

The Importance of Customer Testimonials for Your Business

Testimonials page is said to be one of the most powerful pages on your website since they help convert readers into customers. According to various content marketing surveys, customer testimonials are more effective and result oriented than any other type of content marketing. It is important to have a great testimonials page on your website as it will not only tell people that your products and services are authentic but are also of great quality. It will help distinguishing you from your competitors.

However, to get authentic testimonials is a real tough job. Here, are some of the effective steps to encourage reviews from customers as well as generate customer testimonials.

Facebook Reviews

If you are setup as a local business and have a Facebook page than you can ask your customers for reviews and feedbacks regarding your products and services. You can held video, essay, photo and photo caption contests. Customers like to interact with you and organizing contests will give them an opportunity to interact with you. These Facebook contests will help generate tons of positive feedback for your product or brand.

YouTube Video Reviews

It is known that a video has a stronger impact than a text based review. You can use a video of your customer praising your products and services, and how effective they are. Encourage and ask your customers to add videos to their YouTube account and let you know the link so that you can add these videos to your YouTube account and create a playlist of customer reviews.  

Email Reviews

Send out a standard email to your customers after their purchase in order to generate steady flow of feedbacks and reviews. On the contrary, you should approach key clients personally to explain that you are updating and revising your marketing materials and would appreciate their comments and feedbacks.

Local Directories

Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, and CitySearch are the topmost local directories allowing their network members to write reviews about products, brands and businesses. If you are able to receive great reviews on these sites, you can get Google search traffic to your local business. You can further share your customer reviews on these directories on your testimonials page as well.Thus you can make your potential customers aware about your business.

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