Project Management Customized Solution

E-Social Digital, has experts in the field of every domain related to web development, web marketing and software making field. Project management helps to plan, control and execute the planning in an effective way for you. Our software is user friendly and can be handled easily without much problem.

What is PMS ?

Project management software is used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and change management. It helps project managers, stakeholders and users to control costs and allow them to manage budgeting, quality management and documentation and also may be used as an administration system. Project management software is also used for association and communication between project stakeholders.

Although project management software is used in several of ways but its main purpose is to facilitate the planning and tracking of project components, stakeholders and resources.

Project management software caters to the following functions:

  • Project planning: To define a project schedule, a project manager can use the software to map project tasks and visually define task interactions.
  • Task management: Allows for the creation and alignment of tasks, deadlines and status reports.
  • Document sharing and Associations: Productivity is increased via a central document repository accessed by project stakeholders.
  • Calendar and contact sharing: Project deadlines include scheduled meetings, activity dates and contacts that should automatically update across all Project Managers and stakeholder calendars.
  • Bug and error management: Project management software facilitates bug and error reporting, viewing, notifying and updating for stakeholders.
  • Time tracking: Software must have the ability to track time for all tasks maintain records for third-party consultants.

Project Insider from E-Social Digital

In modern work places, teams are not just restricted to one place, they are scattered across locations – national and international, Clients have multiple contacts for different tasks in single project, multiple documents and their versions are exchanged during a project life cycle, Project Managers are under stress to meet tight deadlines, there is 24*7 working requirement, timely update on each and every task to stakeholders including Client is critical to the success of a project. As a result, proactive project monitoring and resource utilization are keys to meet strict deadlines and tight budget.

With more and more wide-scale projects involving multiple teams across many countries and time zones, cloud-hosted management tools are becoming essential to effectively assign tasks and resources.

Project Insider from E-Social Digital is a tool, which can help you to manage project efficiently and give data to measure utilization and performance of any resource including managers. It is a web and mobile-based solution that can be accessed from web and mobile means anywhere, anytime. It helps to Plan, Organize and Monitor project and task quickly and precisely. The design of Project Insider from E-Social Digital makes it perform activities like estimation, cost control and budget management from a single interface. It will also ensure that every single unit of your inventory and single minute of you time is assigned to project thereby reducing scope of mis-management on inventory and precise utilization of time of every resource.

Some Other Advantages of Project Insider from E-Social Digital

  • Start from End Points: Project Insider from E-Social Digital gives you option to start planning from end point of project and then assign resource and time from start of project and monitor them through out life cycle. It also helps tracking delays and extensions and the reasons for the same.
  • User Friendly: Project Insider from E-Social Digital is very easy to use and does not ask for too many details details in order to track a project. The reports can be prepared easily.
  • Be Agile: Project Insider from E-Social Digital is flexible to accommodate any change and deviation into project flow and keep monitoring and information every resource in a project OR single task of a project.
  • Stop Administration, start working: With use of Project Insider from E-Social Digital, you do not need to administer the resource. You just do you work and administration will be taken care by it. Will inform at every stage to every single concerned and make then working efficiently without worry of reporting and communicating.
  • Cost Effective: The tool is very cost effective considering the capabilities, features and inherent flexibility it offers.

List of Modules:

  • 1. Project Requirement and Time Estimation
  • 2. Negotiations and Approval
  • 3. Project Planning
  • 4. Execution
  • 5. Project Monitoring and Reporting
  • 6. Invoicing
  • 7. Customer Portal
  • 8. To Do
  • 9. Customer Relation Management
  • 10. Support System

1. Project Requirement and Time Estimation:

This is first step when an organization finds a new opportunity. At this stage, project team would have multiple interactions through different type of activities like calls, emails OR meetings. The Project Manager can divide complete requirement gathered as a result of these interactions through this module. Also manager can put estimated hours OR days. System has capability to attach multiple files to each and every task OR activity.

2. Negotiations and Approval:

In this module, estimation can be exported into MS-excel OR PDF format to share with stakeholders. The estimation can be sent for approval as per process followed and configured for project team. If there are multiple approvals required before finalizing project with client. system will keep every revision of estimation done during this process.

3. Project Planning:

Once project is approved and go ahead is given by project team and client on project requirement, Project Managers can assign resource on each and every stage and task. Also schedule can be finalized for every task and this can be used for monitoring. Every deviation from this plan can be informed to every stakeholder of this project including client.

Once the project starts, every resource involved will get their task assigned in their own interface. The task executor can Start, Halt and Finish task from this screen. He can put comment, attach documents, request time extension and also see time spent on each task. Task can be further divided activities to give more clarity on progress of task. Executor can update progress during this period.

Project Estimation

Effective project estimation is one of the most challenging and important activity in project delivery. Proper project planning and control is not possible without a sound and reliable estimate. Faulty estimates mean missing deadlines and breaking budgets—two of the main symptoms of project failure. Customers and project managers often don’t really recognize that project management is a process of gradual refinement and that estimates made early in a project lifecycle are “fuzzy”. Even good estimates are only guesses, with inherent assumptions, risks, and uncertainty, and yet they are often treated as though they are cast in stone.

The benefit that the Estimation module of “Project Insider from E-Social Digital” tool offers is that enables a Project Manager to estimate by taking inputs from multiple stakeholders of project, getting right information about availability and cost of every resource required and making it available throughout the lifecycle of project, so that deviations are clearly visible for managers and decision makers.

Negotiations and Approval

This module helps to streamline process of review/negotiation on estimation with stakeholders and also get approval digitally. The system helps to maintain multiple estimations exchanged with stakeholders during the review/negotiation process. The tool offers option to attach all type of documents and communication exchanges during the estimation review and approval stage.

Project Planning

Project Planning happens throughout the project lifecycle. The challenge for any Project Manager is to deliver a project in estimated time and cost. Scheduling and assigning the right resources based on skill and availability is critical to deliver a successful project.

Project Planning in “ProjectInsider” helps to make this task easy by getting availability of planned resources. The tool has provision for informing the resources well in advance about upcoming task at every stage.


During execution stage, it is very important to know the progress of each task OR project and inform timely to all stakeholders about project progress/status. Getting feedback proactively at every possible step helps to save time and improve the quality of delivery.

“ProjectInsider” tool help managers, executor and Client to monitor and communicate in real time on every small activity of project.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring of tasks and reporting deviations quickly is critical part of Project Management. Any delay can result in increase in cost, compromise in quality, which eventually leads to Client dissatisfaction.

“Project Insider from E-Social Digital” tool facilitates monitoring at all stages and levels of a project. All reports critical to delivery of a project can be retrieved from the tool without much effort.


“Project Insider from E-Social Digital” has integrated Invoicing module, which takes direct input from Monitoring module. Hence, even a small effort put by a resource is accounted for. This also helps in analysing project performance of each resource by making data available at single point. This also helps in understanding how much efforts are to be billed in coming days OR month. Hence, any confusion over billing of resources can be avoided.

Customer Portal

This module of “Project Insider from E-Social Digital” give direct access of all activities and progress happened on project to the customer. It also provides a repository to share all documents and information with customer. The customer can directly interact with all resource involved in their project OR task.

To Do List

This module of “Project Insider from E-Social Digital” helps all resources to manage the tasks assigned to them. The chances of not remembering what tasks to perform are minimized.


Customer Relation Module is an extended version of simple customer management modules provided by other Project Management tools. It is directly integrated with “Estimation” and “Negotiation and Approval” modules to provide more control on business development. This module helps to maintain data of all Business relations and their information at one point.

Customer Support

This module covers all types of support and communication that happens post delivery of a project. This module helps an organization to manage all queries and complaints coming from customer. This also has content on product features and training material required for users of project.

How PMS by ESD is a tough competition to Microsoft Project Management Application??

  • Mobile Friendly: The Project Insider from E-Social Digital is made completely mobile-friendly allowing the user to access the system easily on their mobile phones. Each and every function that can be performed from web panel can easily be performed on mobile handsets. This completely responsive solution makes the system portable and accessible from any device. The client now has the freedom to access the system securely from any device. All business related records is made available on the go and makes the Customer relationship extremely easy. The system facilitated security and confidentiality of records with its robust roles and rights management. Sales and lead management provide facility to capture new leads in bulk and flexible features like assigning leads to sales people or associating the lead to a campaign. By and large the system leveraged collaboration and communication by filling the gaps and integrated all the processes and information in a single unified direction.
  • Customized Solution: Project Insider from E-Social Digital provides the flexibility to adapt efficiently to opportunities for new business and growth. New business often goes along with new requirements for the manufacturing process. We attempt to inherit from the core framework, extending the code to meet these requirements without fully locking your business into a dead end software process. This customization methodology allows us to sustain the software structure needed to ensure you always receive latest releases and upgrades, while still allowing you to fix your own behaviors, so you don’t have to develop your own internal custom system.
  • Local Hosting at client’s server, Data Center: Project Insider from E-Social Digital provides the local hosting at the client’s server which allows the local hosting to organizations itself. This local hosting provides more control over the implementation process to the organizations. The local hosting has the greater ability to customize the process as per their requirements.
  • Cost Effective Solution: Any business, in any domain, irrespective of its size has one and only one thing in mind to get the maximum of profit with a minimum of investment. As in all possible domains and business of different sizes, the PMS domain is no exception. In today’s scenario, the cost effective PMS is the one which enjoys the maximum amount of clout and success in any domain or industry. The Cost Effective Project Insider from E-social Digital is a PMS which is not very expensive, is not very laborious to implement, is simplicity personified, and returns an output which leads to complete client satisfaction.